Couples Therapy

couples therapy

Journey Counseling works with couples who struggle to communicate, who want to learn new skills to make their relationships flourish, and who want to find a way through a crisis. Couples therapy is a guided session to help you improve your communication with each other and to learn how to solve problems impairing your relationship.

The Couples Institute - graduate badge

Gail has in-depth training in couples therapy. She is a member of the Couple’s Institute under the direction of Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson. Your sessions are customized to explore and support your change in how you relate to each other.

Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Regardless of how long you’ve been a couple, you can benefit from upgrades to your communication and negotiation skills. Don’t let complaints, old fights, and disillusionment kill off the spark of love and commitment. Fights are pleas for change, but the likelihood of getting what you want is nearly zero—unless you know how to do them productively. Let Journey Counseling coach you into more productive ways of relating.

Couples Intensive

This innovative approach gives you a “deep dive” into problem solving over a 1 or 2-day session. Your Couples Intensive starts the moment you commit, with pre-session assessments. These support the work we do together, maximize your investment, and focus the work on the skill development your relationship needs most.

The Couples Intensive option is customized to your schedule. Contact us today to find out more about this productive option to break through tough issues. Research shows the changes are profound and lasting.

Affair Repair

Infidelity is damaging to a relationship, but it is survivable. It works best if you and your partner participate together in working through the issues. In affair repair sessions, we will work through problems of the past, present, and future to reestablish trust after the deception.


For a couple adjusting to recovery or relapse, there are specialized tools designed to support you both in making adjustments to work through the changes that come with recovery.