Individual Therapy

individual therapy

Individual session are 50 minutes, and they can be booked up to 4 weeks ahead. If you don’t see a time in the calendar that works for you, please contact us so we can find you a time that works. Individual sessions are also another option to help you prepare for a couples session. The purpose is to work on skills improving how you relate to your partner.


We live in anxious times. It is important to talk out your fears and learn new strategies for how to make your way through tough times. There is relief for anxiety; let’s craft a plan to help your brain “stand down” from working overtime on what the future holds.


Often the body’s response to stress is to under-function. If you are feeling listless, numb, or depressed, we can craft a plan to lift the low mood that pins you down. Come to Journey Counseling to explore the Circle of Support tool that has the potential to lift depression.


Are you worried about your use or dependence on substances? While I am not a licensed addiction counselor, I can help you assess your concerns and refer you to an licensed addiction counselor or treatment program. You may need to talk to someone about your next step toward managing addiction. Journey Counseling can point you in the right direction for more help.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Your employer may provide an EAP program that often has numerous resources for you to use toward problem solving and relief from exhausting life management issues. We will help you access your benefit. EAP often extends to family members so partners and children also have access to counseling. Contact your HR department to find out more.

Worksite Training

Has there been a tragedy at your workplace? Witnessing a critical incident at work creates unique stress you need to manage. Whether your group is reeling from crisis or trying to be proactive in anticipation of problems, Journey Counseling has a wealth of resources and experience to guide your group through tough times. Contact us for more information on worksite training and critical incident stress management (CISM).

Worksite training topics include:

  • Conflict management
  • Communication upgrades for teams
  • Understanding the cycle of conflict
  • Analyzing and intervening on 4 common sources of conflict
  • Listening better in conflict
  • Building coping capacity and resilience
  • Overwhelmed by stress? What to do next…
  • Customized programs available - contact us for more information