April Fools

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I remember as a kid being as excited about April 1st as I was about Christmas or my birthday. Something interesting was going to happen, unique to this day. There was anticipation to see what pranks or tricks would pop up during the day. Would someone bring a frog on the school bus and surprise the person ahead of them with the little hopper? Would someone receive a fake acceptance letter to a college? Would the news reporter air a fake story just to see if we’d believe it?

Falling in love can have some of these same elements. We may be full of anticipation, surprise, delight or shocked at how the relationship turns out. There are many detours and dead-ends along the way to being in a healthy relationship. Don’t let this day of all days – April Fools – be the place your relationship gets stuck. There is help.

At Journey Counseling, you can get the help you need to stop feeling upset, frustrated, blamed and disappointed by your relationship with your partner. When looking for help, don’t be fooled by a therapist or counselor who thinks that since they are trained to serve individual clients, that that they have the skills or training to work with couples. Couples therapy is a specialty. Make sure you find someone who is trained to work with your precious dream of how you’d rather have your relationship be evolving. I’m ready to help you find your way along this winding road to a more productive relationship.

With the restrictions for social distancing, you can take advantage of telehealth video and telephone options. Simply call to book an appointment today.


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