“Here Be Dragons”… Surviving in Uncharted Waters

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Help for Couples | 1 comment

In medieval times there was a practice to write the phrase “Here be Dragons” on the edge of a map. When cartographers were charting by star light in new waters, they didn’t know what was “out there” so they would draw dragons and sea monsters onto the map. It would represent the unexplored territory before them where potential dangers were thought to exist.

That reference has meaning today. With the onset of Covid 19 pandemic, we are certainly in uncharted territory. We search the news and listen to the experts for clues about what is ahead. We may be feeling a growing sense of panic and anxiety for how to manage this time for our selves, our families, our businesses and our world.

Now is a time for managing the chaos with creativity. I’ve found many voices from sources online, in books, in my audible collection, podcasts, and the vast community that has taken to social media to give voice and guidance to these days. It is unfolding before us, this uncharted territory and it will cause stress. I want to honor the struggle and use this blog to make friends with the dragons and sea monsters who now swim along side us in the strange new world. Let’s make friends with them, we are all swimming in the same sea. Hang on…our task now is just to stay in the boat!

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  1. Chantal

    I like this idea of the dragons, and I like how you linked it to our reality. I will keep the dragons in mind when I go to uncharted territories in the future!


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