What if I Get COVID?

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Recovery Kit – COVID project

Prep before…do this now – better to be ready and not need it than be caught off guard.

Gather supplies – Use a large laundry basket or box or suitcase (similar to a bug out bag)

Choose a room for “sick bay” (is it quiet? is it isolated as much as possible from other family members?)

Think creatively if other areas of the home can be repurposed – a craft room or bonus room.

Clean the room – best you can.  Clean carpets, vacuum, dust, get rid of clutter for easy sanitizing

Assign a bathroom that could be designated for the sick person (not used by other family members)

If that is not an option – have extra cleaning supplies handy for easy clean up after each use

Designate a “resource person” who can help the partner or help the family with extra chores – car pooling, picking up supplies, doing yard work, snow removal – etc.   Nice to know someone is on “stand by” if you need help.   You can in turn be available to be a “resource person” if others need your help – designate someone in your circle who can help you and someone you could help if they get sick. Make these agreements now when everyone is healthy.  Adjust as needed.

Clean the air filter in your furnace often – if weather permits consider opening a window.  Consider stocking up now.

Set up eating area with paper plates, paper towels, disposable cups and silverware, tray for bringing meals.

Garbage can and can liners/ Laundry basket for dirty clothing to wash separate from the family

Will the patient need computer, printer, TV, chargers, or desk?

Spray bottle for bleach solution for sanitizing

Comfort Kit

Have lots of fluids on hand.  Tea,7UP, fruit juices, Tang, bottled water

 Help the “patient” get lots of rest – comfort is important

Fresh bedding – have an extra set of sheets, pillows and blankets, hand towels, wash rags, bath towels gathered and set aside.

Have chicken soup on hand.  What other foods do you want when you are sick?  My Grandmother always made me lemon jello and a bowl of buttered noodles.

Hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, tissues and toilet paper.

Vaporizer – get it out now and clean it and have the vapor solution /distilled water


Over the Counter medications for flu/sore throat/cough drops

Now that I’m sick…?

Prescriptions – can you always have a 2-week supply of medication on hand?

Phone numbers to doctor, employer, family, neighbors, resource person, teacher, school, local public health for contact tracing.

Adjust this plan to include needs of children, elders, think about how life in your home will need to change if Mom or Dad get sick and can’t care for the family.   Can you have simple meals on hand?

If you are single, who will help you when you are sick?

If you are a pet owner, how will you take care of your pet when you are sick?

Can you keep extra pet food and pet supplies on hand?

Can you limit interaction with your pet and the sick person?

If you are taking care of an elder, how will you adapt your routine to accommodate their needs?

Check the CDC website for latest recommendations on protocols and ideas for reducing the spread of the virus.

If you are a business owner, do you have someone designated to stand in for you while you recover?

If you are a therapist, do you have someone who can deal with your appointments and have access to confidential items that need to be handled appropriately?

Do you need an extra set of keys to give a helper – to walk the dog, bring in groceries, secure your office?


Brought to you by Gail Nelson at Journey Counseling

Not intended to be medical advice.

This list is a helpful idea that came from friends who have come down with COVID-19 suddenly.

When I shared this idea with them, they agreed it would have been useful information to have before the chaos of being sick.

If you are stressed out from all the pandemic disaster management,

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