Does your marriage need an advocate?

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Does your marriage need an advocate?
…to advocate is to add a voice of support.

With all the pressure on our relationships in these long days of fear, boredom and upset, where are we going to get the energy it takes to be a better partner? Our emotions are dulled by bad news, complicated decisions and disappointments of the pandemic experience. We find it necessary to be mostly engaged in just surviving the virus. I’ve found myself distracted, befuddled and worn out. So, how are we going to do the essential behaviors that will keep our relationship strong?

Let’s think about some basic questions.

Can you be grateful that your partner is in your life?
Are you willing to express appreciation for having a companion on this tedious journey?
Can you motivate yourself to be kinder and have good manners?
What have you shared with your partner today that makes them feel special?
Do you need to make new agreements that clarify what is needed to get through this time?
These questions are the items we have been working on with couples at Journey Counseling who are trying to find a better way through this terrible disaster. In several different exercises we work on expressing gratitude, finding a way to be kinder with our feedback and request help and changes that will make life better than if we had to do this alone.

When you read about people’s experience who have recovered from Covid you will learn that they come away from the experience with a new appreciation for life, for their partner, for the ordinary things we tend to take for granted. Rita Wilson, married to Tom Hanks recently was interviewed about her experience of recovering from Covid. She said “…not having the distractions of busyness allowed for the most important things to be foremost: family and creativity.”

So, I’m wondering if you need an advocate for your marriage today? Do you need help to bring better things to the forefront of our experience together? Do you need some help making the relationship experience more creative, kinder and less conflicted? I can be that advocate for you and your partner and help you craft a stronger bond. When we get married the traditional vows reminds us…

….to have and to hold

….for better for worse

…for richer, for poorer

…in sickness and in health

We didn’t know we were going to be tested by trying to survive a pandemic together but that is where we find ourselves today. Think about the value of having a companion to share this difficult time with you. Be an advocate for standing together, facing adversity as a team. We made promises…now is the time to work at keeping them by supporting each other. If you are struggling, I can help. Call for an appointment today.


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